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Efficiency for Cooling: Technology and Market Trends

21 May 2019

The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with Efficiency for Access Coalition, hosted this webinar to surface emerging market intelligence on efficient off-grid appropriate cooling technologies such as fans, refrigerators, cold chain technologies and ice makers.

The webinar is part of the Efficiency for Access Coalition’s Efficiency for Cooling communications campaign, which shines a light on a range of topics such as the social impact of cooling, the latest off-grid technology and market trends, and how appliances fit within the broader cooling agenda—contributing to both increased energy access and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Speakers from Dalberg, CLASP and the DfID-supported Low Energy Inclusive Appliance Programme’s Refrigeration Technical Working Group shared insights from their recent research regarding off-grid cooling product performance and price, business model evolution, key market barriers and how these might be overcome. Insights from the following forthcoming publications were also shared and discussed:

  • Results-Based Financing for Appliances: Lessons learned from field testing of Global LEAP Awards off-grid refrigerators in Uganda
  • Technology Roadmap for Off-grid and Weak-grid Cooling Appliances: A consensus-based blueprint by stakeholders from more than 40 companies, institutions and industry organizations on the current market status of off- and weak-grid commercial and household refrigerating appliances; the roadmap also identifies refrigeration technologies and R&D investments needed to further develop a sustainable market.
  • State of the Off-Grid Appliance Market 2019: Building on the 2016 version of this report, this iteration showcases areas in which the off-grid appliance market has accelerated significantly, and it shares the latest efficiency, affordability and performance improvement trends, as well as market potential analyses for three of the most commonly sought-after household appliances: TVs, fans and refrigerators. This presentation will provide a first look at key consumer trends and dynamics, business model innovations and pathways to growth, including country-specific profiles and insights.

The panelists reacted to these findings, explored a broader analysis and identified common threads. The aims were to arrive at a shared understanding of the most pressing challenges faced in the efficient cooling sector and to identify the most promising potential solutions to those challenges.

The conversation was followed by an interactive Q&A session with the audience.