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Market Integration of Solar

8 August 2019 to 29 September 2019

The following webinars were—or will be—presented as part of the first module of an eight-module expert training course for decision makers, practitioners and engineers delivered by the International Solar Alliance and the Clean Energy Solutions Center.

System Integration of Solar PV

27 September 2019

This presentation covers the features of solar PV and its impacts on power systems. Information presented includes flexibility options to integrate PV into modern power systems and options, as
well as benefits and features of solar PV.

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PV Integration and the Merit Order Effect

26 September 2019

This presentation covers the basic functioning of wholesale electricity markets and the merit order. You will learn about the impact of renewables and particularly solar PV on wholesale electricity markets, in parameters for policies that allow policymakers to counterbalance the merit order effect.

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Dealing with the Duck Curve

8 August 2019

This session describes what the duck curve is and how it impacts utilities and renewable energy markets. You will learn how the duck curve fits into the broader discussion about reaching high shares of variable renewable energy, and you will gain an understanding of how utilities are tackling the duck curve. You will also gain an understanding of the relevance of the duck curve for both developing and developed countries.

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Solar PV and Storage

27 September 2019

This training covers the services that storage technologies provide to power systems, and it provides information on the effects and benefits of combining residential solar PV systems with battery storage. You will learn about market trends of lead acid and lithium-ion battery technologies and the recycling challenges related to an increasing roll-out of electrochemical storage technologies..

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Sector Coupling: Using Solar Power for the Heating, Cooling and Transport Sector

29 September 2019

This session covers the role of sector coupling for a decarbonized energy sector, the basic framework for conditions that enable sector coupling, and options for using solar PV in the transport, heating and cooling sectors.

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