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Socioeconomic Aspects of Solar Energy

22 March 2019 to 30 September 2019

The following webinars were—or will be—presented as part of the seventh module of an eight-module expert training course for decision makers, practitioners and engineers delivered by the International Solar Alliance and the Clean Energy Solutions Center.

Maximizing the Value Chain: Solar Jobs

27 May 2019

This presentation provides an overview of employment in the solar market and the structure and relevance of the solar PV value chain. It also illustrates opportunities for policymakers to maximize the value chain.

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Water-Energy Nexus: Solar PV in a Water-constrained World

30 September 2019

This training covers the services that storage technologies provide to power systems, and it provides information on the effects and benefits of combining residential solar PV systems with battery storage. Participants learn about market trends of lead acid and lithium-ion battery technologies and the recycling challenges related to an increasing roll-out of electrochemical storage technologies.

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Community Solar

2 June 2019

Participants in this session learn about community power generated through solar energy as well as the characteristics, status and trends of community solar projects. Policy options that foster the roles of citizens in community solar projects are offered.

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Training and Education in the Solar Sector

22 March 2019

This presentation offers an overview of the current state of solar energy education and training programs, and policy options that foster development of education and training programs.

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Solar Myth Busting

Part 1: Myths and Misconceptions of Solar Energy

7 May 2019

This session provides an understanding of the myths and misconceptions associated with solar energy, offers facts to dispel those perceptions and describes legitimate concern.

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Part 2: Myths and Misconceptions of Solar Energy: Communicating Solar Energy

8 May 2019

This presentation explores myths and misconceptions associated with solar energy and how to communicate facts to dispel those myths. Best practices on communicating the facts are provided.

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PV Technology: Productive Use for Rural Environments

28 September 2019

This session covers the application of PV technology in the global rural electrification context and its potential use in productive energy use applications.

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