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China’s Multi-Tiered Approach Supports Building Energy Code Enforcement and Compliance

Under the Code of Acceptance, China implemented a strong approach to enforce building energy codes that involves compliance checks during various stages of construction and engages multiple actors to support the process. Key stages and stakeholders are outlined below.

  • Certified inspection companies, hired by developers, analyze building architectural plans to ensure compliance.
  • Local quality supervision agency reviews compliance report from the inspection company.
  • Local construction administration agency provides a building license following positive compliance report review.
  • Certified engineering inspection companies, hired by the developer, perform building inspections throughout the construction process.
  • Local quality supervision agency also performs compliance checks during the building process.
  • Building projects may also be inspected through random annual inspections conducted through the Ministry of Housing. If a building fails the inspection, the issues can be corrected within 30 days or the developer is fined.
  • If buildings pass all compliance checks described above, the local construction agency issues occupancy permits.

Source: IEA 2014