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United States: Designing an RES to Meet Specific Subnational Needs and Goals

flag of the United StatesAs of March 2015, 29 U.S. states and Washington, DC had adopted an RES ( Specific state-level goals and needs provide the foundation for RES design and inform procurement targets, timetables, and renewable sources targeted for incentives. For example, New Jersey established a goal to support solar deployment, and thus designed a solar set-aside requiring 4.1 percent of generation from solar technologies. The state also established a solar REC trading program, and it enforces a specific solar alternative compliance payment. In alignment with the state’s broader policy goal to develop a “model” program and become a leader in integrated solar development, these policy design elements have driven substantial solar deployment in New Jersey. This case highlights the need to tailor policies in relation to specific contextual goals and circumstances. For more information, see RPS background information and Why is New Jersey considered a “model program” for solar development?