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2020 Energy Management Leadership Competition Opens Now
The Energy Management Leadership Awards program is now accepting entries for the 2020 global competition. Any facility or organization with a current ISO 50001 certificate from an accredited body may enter. The Energy Management Working Group (EMWG) of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) runs this prestigious competition to raise global awareness of the many benefits provided by an ISO 50001-certified energy management system.

CEM Brochure-- Update October 2021

Out just in time for COP26, the October 2021 Brochure release includes updates on CEM workstreams, major outcomes from CEM12, and an overview of how the CEM and international collaboration can supercharge clean energy deployment across greater scale, more sectors, and for all of society. 

Explore our new brochure and learn how you can engage with CEM today! 

H2 Initiative Hydrogen in North-Western Europe

This study has been carried out by the International Energy Agency and the Clingendael International Energy Programme to explore the status of hydrogen in the north-western European region and how the sector could evolve towards 2030. National policies and project plans for hydrogen development are brought together to explore opportunities to tap into the full potential of hydrogen as a clean energy vector.

Nuclear Innovation Report on Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions

This publication is intended to help policymakers and the Clean Energy Ministerial understand the paths that different participant countries are taking to reach their clean energy goals with the help of nuclear innovation. It also includes the perspectives of various international organizations that highlight where nuclear energy’s contributions to emission reductions could grow further. 

EVI City Casebook 2021

Since the first EV City Casebook was released in 2012, cities around the world have overseen huge changes in mobility. Electric cars, buses, and taxis have rapidly increased in numbers, moving beyond early pilots and trials.

New forms of micromobility and smartphone-based transport systems have grown in popularity. Cities have broken new ground in these innovative technologies and new policy ideas. However, in order to meet our climate targets this progress needs to be sustained.

Global EV Outlook 2021

The Global EV Outlook is an annual publication that identifies and discusses recent developments in electric mobility across the globe. It is developed with the support of the members of the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI).

BloombergNEF -- Energy Transition Factbook

The Energy Transition Factbook is prepared exclusively for the 12th Clean Energy Ministerial by Bloomberg Philanthropies and BloombergNEF. The key findings range from energy transitions in electricity, transportation, industry and global capital markets and its relevance for the Clean Energy Ministerial. The Factbook itself will serve as the guidepost and signpost for the executives from the governments, businesses and financial sectors of the CEM community on clean energy transitions to net zero by mid-century.

CEM Brochure -- Update March 2021

Come learn about recent developments in the Clean Energy Ministerial! This year's brochure includes recent achievements in CEM initiatives and campaigns and major outcomes from CEM11, along with information about our structure and work program. 

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