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Food Waste

Food Waste and Composting

Waste management techniques involving the organic waste streams, such as harvest or animal waste in solid or liquid form, and the energy and food wasted in food processing and from food loss can be reused for reducing the demand for land, soil, energy and water. Food loss is currently estimated to comprise one-third of food that is produced and not consumed. In developing countries, food loss is primarily due to “… a lack of access to energy for adequate post-harvesting operations, such as drying, storage and processing, as well as a lack of transportation and distribution” (“Energy”, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). This section focuses on agricultural waste reduction of energy, water, land and soil (e.g., waste-to-energy strategies and technologies such as biodigesters), composting effects on soil fertility and water conservation, and reuse of treated wastewater for agriculture.

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