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Energy-Water Nexus Crosscut


U.S. Department of Energy

The Energy-Water Nexus Crosscut Team (originally called the Water-Energy Tech Team) was formed in late 2012 to address these issues. In June 2014, DOE published The Water-Energy Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities, which laid the foundation for subsequent work for the Department. In 2015, DOE hosted an Energy-Water Nexus Roundtable Series that engaged stakeholders from industry, academia, utilities, state and local governments, National Laboratories, and other federal agencies in focused discussions about the energy-water nexus. These six roundtable discussions brought up a number of challenges and opportunities in DOE’s mission space in the areas of fuels, water infrastructure, electricity, and systems integration. Also, in 2015, DOE launched the energy and water track of the U.S. China Clean Energy Research Center , with the U.S. side led by U.C. Berkeley.