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Energizing Finance: Scaling and Refining Finance in Countries with Large Energy Access Gaps


Sustainable Energy for All


Peyton Flemming

Fiona Messent

Christine Eibs Singer

Stacy Swann

This study attempts to systematically analyze finance that is being committed to energy access in developing countries, predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, and what is known about the disbursement of development finance for energy access or the challenges facing energy access enterprises. This research tracks and analyzes financing flows for electricity and clean cooking access in 20 countries. The authors look at several specific issues such as the amount and type of international and domestic finance flowing to these countries for electricity and clean cooking, including a deep-dive analysis to explore financial flows at the domestic level; how quickly development finance for electricity access is being disbursed and absorbed in these high-impact countries; and the financial needs and challenges of energy enterprises offering decentralized energy solutions in five countries.